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Bear Motion ® 100 Genuine Leather Folio Case for ...

  • Outer Case made of 100% Genuine leather material for Durability and Elegance
  • Durable PC Frameless PC Clam inner case, Designed and Made specially for 7.85 inch iPad mini
  • Built in stand for multiple viewing angles.
  • Wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the case
  • Bear Motion is registered trademark with USPTO and is protected by US trademark law

Product Description
When it comes to iPad cases, nobody knows better than Bear Motion. Give us a try and there will be no regret.

Two reasons to buy Bear Motion:
Reason No. 1: Rigorous and relentless quality control
One might think that anybody can make these cases that have nothing special in design. While this is true, nobody other than Bear Motion can deliver the quality consistently to every end user.
Reason No. 2: Best material guaranteed
We only use the best. Never compromise quality for any reasons.

As much as we do the quality control rigorously, there are still possible defective items slipping through our fingers, since all of these products are handmade. Please make sure to con… More >>

Bear Motion ® 100 Genuine Leather Folio Case for iPad Mini 7.9″ / the 7.9 Inch Mini iPad Cover – PC Purple MP

Purple PU Magnetic Smart Slim Case Cover with Crys...

  • The Smart Cover is made from Premium synthetic PU material which allows easy cleaning and does not attract dust.||Acts as a stand for multiple viewing angles.
  • Smart Cover easily attaches magnetically. Enables the sleep/wake function.
  • The snap-on clear case is made from High Quality Poly Carbonate to ensure durability and protection.
  • Compatible with iPad 2 and the new iPad 3 only, does NOT fit the first generation iPad 1.
  • 3rd Party Accessory, not made by Apple. iPad not included.

Product Description
Please note the smart case cover included in this item is made by 3rd party company, not made by Apple. This combo combines the screen protection of the Smart Cover with the exterior protection of the snap-on Polycarbonate case to give The New iPad (aka iPad 3) or iPad 2 full protection. The combination protects both the front and back of your New iPad 3/iPad 2 from scratches, bumps, and dents. Both made from premium materials to ensure durability and designed for excellent functionality. The Smart Cover enables the sleep/wake function of the New iPad 3 or iPad 2. It can also be folded back into a stand to prop the new iPad 3 or iPad 2 in either horizontal or vertical position. The clear snap-on PC case allows … More >>

Purple PU Magnetic Smart Slim Case Cover with Crystal Clear Back Cover for Apple the New iPad 3 4G iPad 2

Gearonic PU Magnetic Smart Slim Case Cover for App...

  • Compatible with Apple The New iPad ( iPad 3) and iPad 2 Only. iPad not included.
  • Magnetic strips attach the cover to your iPad with ease.
  • Premium synthetic PU material exterior, allows for easy cleaning, doesn’t attract dust.
  • Micro fiber interior that won’t scratch the screen.
  • Act as a stand for multiple viewing angles. Allows you to prop your iPad horizontally, vertically, and in a comfortable typing angle.
  • Enables iPad sleep mode when folded and turns back on when opened.
  • Perfect fit to all corners, and full access to connector jacks, camera lens, speaker and buttons.

Product Description
This Case is made with new specs specifically for THE NEW iPad (AKA iPad 3), accommodating the new thickness and a new sleep/wake function requirement, this is not an iPad 2 case re-advertised as iPad 3 Case. As you may know The New iPad is very similar in size to the iPad 2. However it is about 10% thicker than the iPad 2. Therefore if the case was originally made for iPad 2 and it was sold as an iPad 3 case, the case will not fit or even if you are able to force it in, it will still pop out easily or will be very difficult to remove later not to mention some of the iPad 2 cases’s sleep function may not work for The New iPad . This case was designed for The New iPad ( iPad 3) exclusively and will fit with perf… More >>

Gearonic PU Magnetic Smart Slim Case Cover for Apple the New iPad/4G/iPad 2, Purple

INVELLOP PURPLE Leatherette Case Cover for iPad 2 ...

  • Magnetic strip built inside for secure closure with sleep/awake function for BOTH iPads!!
  • Specifically designed for the Apple iPad 2 and ” The New iPad ” iPad 3
  • Cover has flip capability to transform the case into a horizontal stand and position for typing.
  • All features are accessible (camera and speaker hole available)
  • This is a one piece case, the front and back does not separate.

Product Description
Our highly favored iPad cover for 2nd and 3rd generation is a true consumer pleaser with multiple colors available in rich leatherette finish. Sophisticated design equipped with clever sleep-awake function. It is a must-have for every Apple iPad owner.

Case positions:
— Screen flap flips fully back if needed for holding magazine-style
— Props to accommodate 2 viewing/working angles
— Case opens to function as a hands-free sturdy stand for viewing/face-time
— Folds into comfortable typing position

Protection of iPad:
— Secure snap-on attachment
— Durable hard back for maximum protection
— Soft scratch-free microfiber interior
— Built-in magnets … More >>

INVELLOP PURPLE Leatherette Case Cover for iPad 2 / iPad 3 / The new iPad

Purple mCover® Hard Shell Case...

  • Made of USA-made high-quality translucent DOW polycarbonate material, which is shatter-proof and will protect your iPad all around
  • 2-piece light-weight shell(only 6 oz, 3 oz top cover + 3 oz bottom cover) easily snaps on and off.
  • The CLEAR top cover acts as a Hard Screen Protector and can be removed easily while using iPad.
  • The bottom cover stays on all the time to provide 24/7 protection.
  • All ports, speaker outlets and charging port fully accessible.

Product Description
* 100% Compatible with Apple iPad keyboard dock and iPad dock. No need to remove the cover to dock your iPad.

* 9 colors(Aqua/Black/Blue/Clear/Green/Orange/Pink/Purple/Red) available.
* Apple iPad, iPad dock and iPad keyboard dock are NOT included…. More >>

Purple mCover® Hard Shell Case

Bundle Monster Vinyl Skin Case Cover Art Decal Sti...

  • Compatible with Ipad 3G or Wifi model. No trimming needed.
  • Skins are made up of superb vinyl material that is environmental friendly. These are NOT hard case or faceplate.
  • Prevent abrasions & scratching. Highly durable, dustproof & waterproof.
  • Fits well into most accessories and case & no sticky residue upon removal.
  • This skin set will cover the front and back surfaces as pictured.

Product Description
This design skin set helps protect and style up your Apple Ipad 3G or Wifi model. Make your friends envy or be generous to buy them one as a gift. Skins are made up of superb vinyl material that is environmental friendly with an upscale leather-like finish to distinguish your ipad (See close up shot image). NOTE: Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly from image. Installation is simple. Recommended to first align accurately and then slowly apply from one edge to the opposite side, eliminating minimal amount of bubbles when necessary. (Note: If you also need to install a screen protector, apply screen protector first)… More >>

Bundle Monster Vinyl Skin Case Cover Art Decal Sticker Protector Accessories for Apple Ipad Tablet 16gb, 32gb, 64gb Wifi or 3G – Purple Flower

Purple Genuine Leather Apple iPad Case Cover Portf...

  • Protects your Apple iPad from scratches, damage & wear
  • Durable case made of premium quality genuine leather
  • Custom made to fit your device
  • Sylish design that gives your iPad a professional look
  • Available in many colors including mocha brown, navy blue, pink, red, hot pink and purple

Product Description
Protect your iPad from scratches, damage and wear! Our form fitting premium quality leather iPad case is the perfect way to protect your Apple iPad! The stylish and form-fitting design gives you a professional appearance while protecting it from damage, scratches and wear. Premium quality genuine leather allows you to portray a professional business image. Featuring a stylish and functional approach to covering your iPad when you are on the go! In meetings, in the car or in your briefcase…your iPad is protected! Many color options to choose from including mocha brown, navy blue, pink, red, hot pink and purple. This case is a great solution for protecting and carrying your iPad! This product is not affiliated … More >>

Purple Genuine Leather Apple iPad Case Cover Portfolio for the Apple iPad Tablet 16GB, 32GB, 64GB Wi-Fi and WiFi + 3G Model